You don’t need to be able to do a human flag!  In fact, a better question is, ‘Who isn’t fit enough to do an adventure race?’.  Almost everyone, male or female, young or old, can do an adventure race. You just need some training, enthusiasm, and to be ready to make some cracking memories.

Some people have the idea that adventure racing is so extreme, outlandish and crazy that only the super fit or those ‘missing a few screws’ can race.  It’s true that there are extreme and demanding races out there, and no adventure race will be a total walk in the park, especially if you challenge yourself to race hard.  However, many races are aimed at newcomers to the sport – those looking to push their boundaries, try something new, or have a fun weekend with friends.

There are ‘sprint’ races of 2-6 hours that are a great place to start.  Events often have options for faster racers to collect extra checkpoints or cover extra distance for a time bonus, while first timers can do the shorter option.  Also, bear in mind, they are called a ‘race’, but there’s no reason you have to push yourself to the limits.  Many participants go simply to enjoy the experience, be in the great outdoors and challenge themselves at whatever level they choose.  Most people can walk, ride or paddle at a low intensity for a couple of hours and you’re free to take a break when you need a rest.

The best part is, when you set yourself a target event, you have powerful motivation to train and improve your fitness.  Pick an event at least 6 weeks away, or even a few months depending on your current fitness.  Then follow a training program which gets you in shape by race day.  Step by step, session by session, you will gain fitness, strength and confidence.  By the time you reach the event, you’ll be flying!

So set your mind to a race and commit.  Enter now, you can do it.  It might just be the start of a healthier, fitter, stronger you – and of a bounty of fun filled adventures in years to come.  If you need some direction, check out our upcoming events, training packages or contact us.  We’d love to help you live your adventure.  Good luck!