Outdoor adventures

in Sydney

get fitter and live adventurously with a fun and friendly group

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Welcome to Live Adventure:

Outdoor adventures in Sydney

We’re super happy you found us!

Do you get enough time to do the ‘fun stuff’? The things that YOU really want to do – things that make you feel alive and give you happy memories?

Or is life passing by crazily quickly and you find yourself caught up with work, ‘life admin’ and all the rest?

Come try an outdoor adventure and live life to the full.

What is Live Adventure?

We’re here to help people like you live life to the full. We run outdoor adventures in Sydney so you can make adventure part of your routine.   

Are outdoor adventures for me?

All you need is moderate fitness, an open mind and an adventurous spirit. We’d love to have you, but check out our FAQs page for more details.

How to join the fun

Awesome, we’re excited you want to join us! Find out more about our trips and how to sign up to Sydney adventures on the ‘join the fun’ page.


Get fitter doing something you enjoy


Be in the great outdoors breathing fresh, clean air and smelling nature


Make friends with like-minded, adventurous people 


Logistics are all planned, you  just need to turn up


Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone  


Have something exciting to look forward to each week


Discover parts of Sydney you never knew existed


Memories for life – imagine looking back on a year (or more!) of fun adventures!

Trust Live Adventure

Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands with us! Lisa graduated from Health and Sports Science at UNSW (Hons 1), has a certificate 4 in fitness and has worked in the fitness industry since 2006. She has heaps of outdoor adventure experience including expedition length adventure races (5, 6, 8 and 10 days non-stop), countless shorter events, and as much adventure travel as she could fit in.

Travel highlights include cycle touring across the Tibetan Plateau and Nepal, travelling solo through Eastern Europe cycling and hiking for four months, and many multi-day backpacking and bikepacking trips. She also cycles competitively and has won the Australian Masters Road Race. She can’t wait to plan your next outdoor adventure in Sydney!

All Live Adventure instructors love outdoor adventures and are qualified in first aid and CPR training (minimum of Provide First Aid – formerly senior first aid).

We’re inclusive, supportive and friendly. There’s no judging or big egos – we’re a down to earth bunch. We’re about helping you widen your horizons (wherever they are now) and experiencing life to the full. Most importantly, we want everyone to have a good time!

“The trip was fantastic, heaps of fun, lovely people, got me outdoors somewhere new on a day when I wouldn’t have made it to somewhere so beautiful, left me feeling happy relaxed and ready to face the week!”

“Social, physical and communing with nature. Love it!”

“The location, the friendly people, relaxed vibe, and the fact that we could just rock up without needing to plan”

“Great locations that show people scenic places in Sydney. Convenient length of time for the trips. Well-orgainsed and planned.”

“I liked they were well organised, fun and fantastic. Lisa really knew where she was going both times and was well prepared.”

“So much fun, very well organised, great snacks and wonderful company!”

“Having fun and meeting new people, doing new things and challenging yourself”

“I loved the canoeing, I hadn’t done it since I was a kid, so I really enjoyed that part and the people were great.”