A complete fitness program for outdoor adventures

Make the most of isolation – 

stay inspired, get adventure fit and don’t go stir crazy!


A complete fitness program for outdoor adventures

Make the most of isolation –

stay inspired, get adventure fit and don’t go stir crazy!

  • Have all your regular activities stopped and do you miss them?
  • Are your exercise routines out the window with the shutdowns?
  • Are you struggling to keep up good habits with all this time indoors at home?

Here’s a perfect way to stay inspired, fit (and sane!) during isolation. You can train on your own or with family members and you don’t need special equipment. You’ll be taking a run up to new exciting adventures when isolation ends 🙂

Did you know?

People doing regular physical activity have higher levels of positive emotions like interest, excitement, enthusiasm and alertness? (6. Pasco JA, Jacka FN, Williams LJ, Brennan SL, Leslie E & Berk M (2011). Don’t worry, be active: positive affect and habitual physical activity. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 45(12) p. 1047-52.)

What’s in the adventure training package?

Book 1 (96 A4 pg):

Training Guide: Covers the science behind training, how to plan sessions and programs, principles of strength and interval training, recovery and psychology of training and racing. Learn how to listen to your body to avoid injury, challenge yourself and have fun while you do it.

Training Plans: 6, 10 and 14 week programs so you can confidently tackle your first race, smash your previous best or be ready for your next outdoor adventure, whatever that may be. There are different options depending on your fitness level and available training time.

Sample Workouts: 18 detailed workouts for bike, run, kayak and strength. Sessions include three difficulty levels so you get a great workout whether you’re just getting started, or one of the fittest out there. 


Book 2 (20 A5 pg – handy size):

Exercise Manual: 45 of the most effective strength exercises to get adventure fit, plus 55 variations, making 100 exercises in total. Most of them are bodyweight so you can do at home or in the park.


Book 3 (70 A4 pg): 

Training Diary: 52 week training diary to record your well earned progress with calendar, words of wisdom and inspirational quotes.


Bonus USB with dynamic warmup, mobility exercises and interviews with racers.

The package is called ‘The Complete Adventure Race Training Package’ because it was originally designed to train for adventure races. 

  • Adventure races are events (usually in a team of 2-4)  lasting 2hrs to 10 days where you navigate through the bush to find checkpoints often on foot, mountain biking and kayak – usually with some extra surprises!

 There are ‘sprint’ adventure races near Sydney (2-6hrs long) which are welcoming and fun for beginners. Why not target a race after COVID for a motivation boost!? But for this training package, you don’t have to do racing. The whole idea of this training is to be ready for all kinds of fun outdoor trips. You’ll still reap the benefits of feeling fit, strong and amazing.

Why should I get the package?

Live Adventure is a specialist in outdoor adventures and how to get in the best shape to do them. Lisa, who created the package has a Bachelor of Health and Sports Sci (Hons 1), 13+ years in the fitness industry, has done years of adventure racing (including 5, 6, 8 and 10 days non stop), countless of her own adventures and managed to snag a couple of National Masters Cycling champs along the way.

Here’s what some of her training clients had to say…

“I can chop wood/lug heavy things/run up and down the hill all day without waking up groaning the next morning. I feel 10 years younger! Thanks again. I’ve recommended her to all my friends” – Felice Faisca, Blackheath

“Three weeks of Lisa’s rehab and strengthening – I was back in shape and ran a great time! I would happily recommend Lisa to any budding sportsperson.” – Sally Blackwood, Randwick

“If you are after a trainer who is passionate about fitness, health and achieving the best outcomes for you, I recommend Lisa all the way.” – Sal Macready, Lane Cove

“…she got the best out of me and kept me focused on achieving my goals. Through Lisa’s program, I was able to considerably improve my City to Surf time as well as better manage an ongoing knee injury.” – Tim Owen, Kensington

“Lisa is a gentle and clear teacher, always going that one step further to ensure I understood, and felt empowered to do my own rehab.” – Sally Blackwood, Randwick

Stay inspired and fit, even in isolation!

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