About our Sydney Outdoor Adventures

We believe adventures in nature make happier humans. Life is busy – we run short adventure trips so you can unleash your wild side, hassle free.

What does Live Adventure do?

Live Adventure is here to help people like you live life to the full and keep fit. This planet is an amazing place and there’s nothing like getting out in nature – exploring new places and trying new things. We run fitness adventures like hiking in Sydney so you can make adventure part of your routine.

It’s more than just hiking though, we mix it up. We also do kayaking, navigating, mountain biking, use lilos, have campfires, find swimming holes and go camping. Don’t worry, you don’t need lots of gear – there are pre arranged hire options if you need them.

Lisa has been working for years in fitness but has recently combined that experience with her love for (/addiction to) adventure. Most trips are 4hrs fitness adventures on a Sunday afternoon in Sydney, but we sometimes do longer day and overnight trips too.

Lisa is the guide for the Sydney hiking group

Who is Lisa?

Lisa is Live Adventure’s founder and enthusiastic trip guide for our Sydney micro adventures.

Lisa started Live Adventure because she met so many people who love getting out in nature but hardly ever do for all kinds of reasons (herself included!). We’re busy – it takes time to research places, plan, organise friends, pick dates and sort logistics. She wanted to make it easy for more people to get out and have fun in Sydney’s beautiful natural playgrounds.

Adventures have also been part of keeping her sane(ish!) while living in a big city – nature helps keep us happy!

Lisa is known for welcoming and supporting the whole group, being one of those oddballs who loves planning, and being unflappable (she may lose her shit one day, but we’ve yet to see it!)

Lisa has a Bachelor of Health and Sports Sci (Hons 1), 12+ years in the fitness industry, has done years of adventure racing (including 5, 6, 8 and 10 days non stop), countless of her own adventures and managed to snag a couple of National Masters Cycling champs along the way.

In her spare time, she loves to tend her scraggly weeds balcony garden and set off the smoke alarms cook up a storm.

Lisa is the guide for the Sydney hiking group

Why did Live Adventure begin?

I know first hand how easy it is to get busy with ‘life’. Suddenly months could pass and I’d been caught up working and getting through ‘to do lists’ (well, not always getting through – sometimes they get longer faster than I ticked them off!) but it’d be too long since I’d been outdoors experiencing all that life has to offer. When city-itis got too bad I would plan my next adventure trips or escape for a solo weekend hiking in Sydney and the Blue Mountains (possibly why I never got through those to do lists).

After sharing adventure stories over the years, I realised many people crave that freedom.  Most of us work to live, not live to work. The problem is, there’s often not much time or energy left after work, and it takes both to plan adventures.

I figured if I could organise regular fitness adventures like hiking in Sydney, and make it easy to just turn up, then more people could feel all the benefits of getting outdoors, keeping fit and living life to the full. So I started Live Adventure. Hopefully it all helps make the world a happier place little by little!

Live Adventure: Sydney micro adventures that are friendly, fun and hassle free.