a group on a Sydney adventure


You’re off on your first trip, that’s great! Doing anything for the first time can be a little daunting so here’s what to expect and a few tips so you know how it all works:

1. What to expect

First things first, make sure you’ve booked your ticket – just RSVPing on Meetup is not enough. I need more details so I can send you a pre trip form and the final details. On the Thursday before the trip, I’ll send you an email with everything you need to know like exact meeting point, trip plan, packing list, weather forecast. 

On the day, arrive a little early so you’re not in a rush. At the start time, we’ll introduce ourselves and I’ll give everyone a quick briefing including fun stuff to see on the way and anything to watch out for, then we’ll head off. The group will stay together so don’t worry about getting lost! We stop at scenic spots for photos, to learn about the area and to refuel and chat with tasty snacks (which I will bring).

Trips vary but you’ll see all or some of: beautiful bushland, scenic lookouts, secluded beaches, waterfalls, swimming holes, historic sites. We do any combination of hiking, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, navigating, picnicing, biking, games, social events, camping or campfires. Details will be in the event description.

2. What to bring?

You’ll be emailed a packing list the Thursday before the trip.  As a guide, you’ll need clothes that are comfortable for walking including a jumper (fleece is ideal), a rain jacket, a hat and sunnies and decent shoes (runners or cross trainers are fine, you don’t need hiking boots).

3. What if I don’t have that gear?

There’s not a lot you need but if you don’t have anything I mentioned (especially a decent rain jacket), just send me an email and I can bring a spare for you.

4. What if it’s raining?

It adds to the adventure!  If we had a choice, we might not choose rain, but you’d be surprised what it adds to a trip.  It can make rugged coastlines atmospheric, bond the group together, or make the experience even more memorable in contrast to being stuck indoors.  With the right attitude, rain won’t dampen the day. The only exception is if the weather is so bad it would be dangerous in which case we will either change to a different trip or cancel (hardly ever!).  We will let you know ASAP if that happens.

That’s it! It’s a friendly vibe so you’ve got nothing to worry about, but if you do have any questions, just get in touch. See you soon! 🙂