Friends jumping on an adventure

Spring rocks! The days are getting longer so getting out of bed doesn’t suck like in winter. It’s warmer but still crisp and clear. And the wildflowers are out in abundance – the Aussie bush is resplendent in all its beauty. If you’ve enjoyed couch time this winter and are ready to get the adventure show on the road, here’s some tips to enjoy it without any setbacks.

1. Actually do build up gradually

I know – “thanks Captain Obvious” you’re saying. We all know this in theory but it’s incredibly hard to do in practice! I’m the worst! I know I should start slow but short, steady rides or walks aren’t nearly as fun so it’s easy to jump straight in the deep end. And now I have a pain in the arse (literally!) to show for being too eager. Even one or two shorter hikes or walks in the city will help.

2. Listen to your body more than usual.

Your body gives you lots of little warning signs if it’s tight or tired from too much activity or even from too much time sitting. Ideally, listen to it all the time, but even more so if you’ve been out of action for a while. TMTS (too much too soon) is a thing now – you can even buy t-shirts!

3. Do strength training

Try resistance or body weight strength classes at the gym, or squats, lunges, planks etc at home. Having a good strength base makes the body more robust and ready to tackle the challenges you throw at it.

4. Do stretching

Increasing your activity (particularly strength training) means tight muscles while your body adapts, so stretch after each session to keep ontop of it, and loosen those muscles that tightened up during your couch time!