jumping into a water adventure


How quickly does time go!? There’s so much happening it’s easy to get caught up in the routine and suddenly months have gone by. Sure, we squeeze in some fun stuff, but how many of your old photos are of work or doing chores around the house? The moments you want to remember are when you’re somewhere new, with a great bunch of people and having a good time. So why not make those moments a regular part of your life?

Adventures aren’t just those epic overseas trips that Facebook shows you when you’re battling a case of Monday-itis. Adventures, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, are ‘an exciting or remarkable experience’. Anything out of the ordinary that lifts your spirit can be an adventure, big or small.

At the end of a long day, most of us don’t want to think about logistics and planning. So how about making adventurous habits which happen as easily as chocolate after dinner (well, maybe not quite, but easier than you think!). It takes a little thought at the beginning, but once they’re in place, you’ll be living weekly micro adventures before you know it. Here’s some tips on how getting started:

1. One at a time – as with any new habit, don’t change too much at once. Just like when you make six new year’s resolutions and by day two you can’t even remember what they were. Add one new adventure at a time and get used to it first.


2. Start small – they don’t have to be elaborate, long or in a wild, exotic place. Simple, short and close to home is a great way to start. The mini adventure that you actually do beats the grand adventure you never get time for.


3. Same time each week – so the time is booked and it doesn’t get squeezed out. Plus, there’s less mental resistance because when it gets to that time of the week, it’s just what you do.


4. You don’t need heaps of gear – remove barriers, don’t create them. You can start with renting a bike share before you get a new bike. Don’t wait until you get new shoes to start running – walk in your current shoes until you get new ones. There’s always something you can do with what you’ve got – you can upgrade later if you want.


5. Go with friends – it’s more of a commitment and it’s way more fun. Plus, you’ve got someone to share the good memories with (or laugh about the fails!).


6. Think adventurously – look for opportunities and try to see challenges as an adventure. If your car’s in for service, how about walking or cycling instead? What if you get caught in the rain? That’s something that doesn’t happen every day – it’s an adventure!