Shelley having fun on a Sydney outdoor adventure

Shelley leads some of our adventure trips in Sydney. She’s all smiles after this adventure – I hope she’s still smiling after Reunion Island!

I’ve been inspired by what my friend and Live Adventure trip leader, Shelley, is doing. I’m sharing because I think it will inspire you too. The specific event she’s doing is absolutely epic and most of us won’t take on that particular type of challenge, but I love the way she saw something which would stretch her to the edge of her ability and didn’t back down. She committed, methodically prepared and trained, and will soon be out there giving it her best shot. I think she’ll do awesome!

Shelley Bambrook (who we are lucky enough to have as a trip leader!) was (is) nervous and uncertain whether she was ready for the challenge because she’s never done an expedition adventure race in her life, but she’s off to the Adventure Racing World Championships in Reunion Island.

If you don’t know what adventure racing is, it’s a race usually in teams of 4, where you navigate around the course finding checkpoints along the way.  The disciplines are usually hiking/running, mountain biking, kayaking and whatever other mystery disciplines race organisers decide (e.g. packrafting, caving, abseiling etc). The shortest ones are 3-6 hours and the longest (called ‘expedition races’) are around 10 days and visit some extraordinary places well off the beaten track.

In Reunion Island, Shelley’s team of four is called the ‘Stromlonauts’, will have their work cut out for them. The race includes trek, MTB, packraft, sea kayak, canyoning, caving, mountains and ropes. They expect to finish in 7 days. The clock doesn’t stop for sleep, so you can bet there won’t be much! They will ‘only’ cover 425,5km in distance, but before you think it’s not so bad, they also have 17 000m in elevation gain!! For reference, that’s close to twice up Everest from sea level!! There’s abseiling (2 000 vertical metres of it) and plenty of mud, overgrown vegetation, navigation and rapids to challenge them.

Whatever happens there, Shelley will have vivid memories, incredible experiences and will grow as a person through this adventure. 

If you want to check out the race or do some ‘dot watching’ to track their progress, you can here:

Good on ya Shelley, and good luck!!


Reunion Island ready for adventurers

Reunion Island – how amazing to have an outdoor adventure here!